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Journals of the Sporker

spork you

SiLeNcE is Golden... DuCt TaPe is Silver
10 May 1985
I am a 1st semester senior in College and i am majoring in youth ministry. I Love Jesus and He loves you. I am about 5'4" and I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I am the typical country boy, i am a man who loves to be outdoors. Jesus is the man and you can't talk me out of that... God is my # 1 priority in life. I really enjoy cooking but i enjoy doing it outside over an open fire more... I really like fire that is why I am a Volenteer FireFighter here just outside joplin. God has blessed me dearly with what I need in life and has Kept me from the things that would discourage me from him. I have had many struggles but only what I have got myself into. And I am a snapple freak, I drink it whenever possible...